Tailor Made Life Saving Solutions

Co-Diagnostics possesses many years of experience in designing real-time PCR tests on a variety of platforms and uses the most advanced biophysical and bioinformatics algorithms to design each test. We offer full service custom design of real-time PCR assays ranging from infectious diseases to specific cancer marker diagnostics. The following describes how our technology makes dollars and sense for your business:

  • Rapid turn-around: Test design is done in two months or less.
  • Highly accurate tests: Mathematical optimization produces high sensitivity and specificity tests.
  • Made to order: Tests are tailor-made to your specifications.
  • One-stop shopping: All the patents necessary to run the tests are held by Co-Diagnostics. One-stop shopping not only saves time, but also eliminates the costs of royalty stacking!
  • Reasonable upfront costs and royalties

Partner with Co-Diagnostics and surprise yourself and your shareholders with increased earnings!


Contact us for details on licensing of platform technologies and individual tests or for OEM opportunities.

Items of Interest

International Products

Co-Diagnostics launched a joint venture, Co-Diagnostics HBDC, to address DNA testing in high burden developing countries. Co-Diagnostics HBDC is releasing a real-time PCR kit for Tuberculosis (TB complex) in India. For more information, click on the following links: